The Aims of ICCE

  • To develop and implement the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) as a widely accepted Bible-based qualification so that students using Accelerated Christian Education learning materials can obtain access to Further and Higher Education and other post-school pursuits worldwide
  • To accommodate the needs and interests of students for whom the A.C.E. programme and methodology are the preferred and chosen approach to Christian Education
  • To provide a coherent and integrated qualification that will maintain its relevance and credibility as a graduation outcome within the international network of A.C.E. learning material users
  • To provide a graduation certification equally accessible to home and school-based students
  • To provide leaving qualifications for students of all abilities
  • To give an appropriate emphasis to Christian scholarship, thought and influence within academic subject areas, particularly during the final years of schooling
  • To encourage ICCE students towards a personal relationship with Christ and growth in their relationship with Christ
  • To support parents, families and Christian communities that seek to equip and prepare young people to be ambassadors for Christ to their generation