ICCE – more than suitable as an examination for university entrance!

Suitable for Arts

Dr D. Morgan former A.C.E. student, went on to get a B.A at Durham and an M.A. and PhD at York.

“As a former A.C.E. student from age 5 to 18 who went on to get a B.A at Durham and an M.A. and PhD at York, I know a lot about the system and found it a brilliant preparation for my university years. I particularly enjoyed the encouragement towards excellence. I did an arts subject and was fully prepared for essay writing and critical thinking. I was top in my year and awarded scholarships.”

Suitable for Sciences

Dr A. Craig, former A.C.E. student, went on to get a B.Sc and PhD at Queen’s University Belfast.

“As an A.C.E. graduate, with no secondary qualifications other than NCSC (National Christian Schools Certificate, now ICCE) I now hold a PhD in Biological Sciences awarded by Queen’s University Belfast (QUB).

I completed my NCSC Level 3 in 2008 and was offered an unconditional place at QUB, a member of the Russell Group, to study Agricultural Technology. During the course of my undergraduate I won many scholarships and prizes for outstanding achievement. I credit the self-motivated, independent learning skills developed through using ACE as preparing me for easy transition into university life.

Having achieved a first class honours degree, I was then awarded a government scholarship to complete a PhD, during the course of which I published two papers in Quarter 1 (high ranking) scientific journals and have another under review. I also received a UK-wide award for my postgraduate study from the British Society of Animal Science. The external examiner for my PhD thesis was also complimentary about the quality of my scientific writing.

Not only has A.C.E. fully equipped me for life in the academic world, but the strong emphasis on character development throughout the programme is vital for life in the modern workforce, whatever the sector.”

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